Celebrating 50 Years

How Air Conditioning Changed The World

In today’s world, things like electricity and air conditioning are simply a part of our daily lives. However, there was a time in human history when we couldn’t just push a button to make it warmer or cooler! Since the invention of air conditioning, we have been able to control the weather inside buildings, and that power has far-reaching effects that we may not even consider.

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History of Air Conditioning

While it’s hard to imagine living without AC (especially here in Gainesville!), it’s a relatively recent development. Air conditioning was invented in 1902, but it wasn’t until the 60’s and 70’s that you could find it in most homes across America. Before then, people suffered and smelled a lot worse! Many families slept on porches or fire escapes to fight the heat. 

Before 19060, air conditioners were large and too expensive for the average homeowner. They were also relatively dangerous and only used by places like hospitals and movie theaters.

A Great Engineering Achievement

Did you know that the National Academy of Engineers ranked AC and Refrigeration as one of the top 10 greatest engineering achievements of the 20th century? Nearly 90% of all single-family homes have air conditioning units. More so, air conditioning allowed for taller buildings to be built because, before its invention, rooms on the upper floors would be unbearably hot. Before AC, people needed to use giant blocks of ice to cool themselves and their food.

AC Saves Lives

AC isn’t just about comfort, it literally saves lives. During heat waves, the old and the young are at a high risk of heatstroke, and AC can prevent that from happening. It is used in hospitals and retirement homes, and the demand for AC in developing countries is continuing to rise. 

Changed the Climate

Many don’t think of how switching on the air conditioner affects the globe, but as you make it cooler inside, you’re making the world hotter. This is a double-edged sword, because as the planet warms due to climate change, we’ll be using our air conditioners even more. That’s especially true here in Florida, as the temperatures are already incredibly hot. A study in Phoenix showed that the hot air that is pumped out of AC units across the city increased the night-time temperature by two degrees celsius. And, of course, that increase only makes the air conditioning units work harder, increasing the temperature even more.

Along with the way that ACs pump hot air outside, they also use a lot of energy. You may notice your energy bill increases in the summer when you’re running your air conditioning around the clock. When that’s done on a large scale, and the energy is produced by burning gas or coal, the planet is warming even more. 

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