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Signs You Might Need A New AC Installation

Summer is right around the corner here in Gainesville (although ours does seem to start a bit earlier than a lot of other places, doesn’t it?), and people are planning vacations with the family, scheduling time to relax, and heading to the beach in bunches. However, one thing lots of people forget to do by this time each year is to check the wellbeing of their home’s air conditioning unit.

Maybe it’s not even so much that people forget as much as it is that they simply get used to the air conditioning working when they need it too. At Buckhalter Heating & Air Conditioning, we see it all the time. The AC goes down, and the homeowners are surprised. 

In today’s blog from your local air conditioning installation and replacement experts serving the greater Gainesville area for over 50 years, we’ll look at five of the most likely signs your AC may be looking at its final days, so you can call with the professionals and evaluate if it’s time for a new air conditioning unit installation.

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#1. No Cold Air

Although a lack of airflow could be a sign of an extremely dirty air duct system, it’s usually a sign that your AC unit is on its last legs. Likewise, if your air conditioner doesn’t start producing cool, refreshing air after just a few minutes of the compressor working, chances are good it’s a problem that will require new parts, or possibly, a new ac installation. Either way, you’re going to need some help from the professionals.

#2. A Drastic Uptick In Your Energy Bills

Have you realized that you and your spouse have been talking about how high the electric bill has been? It could be due to a malfunctioning or damaged AC unit. Whether your AC is working harder to do the same job it used to, or it is just simply well out of date and highly energy-inefficient, a new air conditioner installation from the experts at Buckhalter
Heating & Air Conditioning could reduce your costs over the long-run and help to keep you comfortable and safe in the coming summer months.

#3. Unusual Noises

Unlike most heaters or furnaces, AC units are designed to be pretty quiet. If you hear squeaking, grinding, banging, or whistling coming from your vents or AC unit, we recommend getting a professional to check up on it fast. These kinds of noises could be an indicator of critical failure right around the corner.

#4. Excess Moisture 

Although some moisture is bound to develop while your AC unit is running, keeping an eye on how much it is producing can provide warning signs you don’t want to miss. If you have a coolant leak, you need to get professional AC maintenance help fast to improve your AC’s performance and protect your family. Chemical leaks from your AC are hazardous at best. Excess moisture could also be a sign that the compressor is malfunctioning or failing.

#5. Bad Smells

The air coming out of your vents while your air conditioner is running should smell pretty — well — normal. Aside from a little dusty odor, if you haven’t had a professional duct cleaning lately, your AC should be free of mildewy, smokey, or metallic smells. If any of these are showing up, call Buckhalter Heating & Air Conditioning right away. This could be yet another sign of impending critical failure and might require a new AC installation at your home or office.

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