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Is Your Spring Air Conditioner Maintenance Scheduled?

The first day of spring was yesterday, which means that it’s time to get your air conditioner maintenance date on the calendar. While your air conditioner doesn’t really take time off planning for spring maintenance will give you time to prepare for any necessary repairs or services your air conditioning unit might need before the summer starts.

At Buckhalter Heating and Air Conditioning in Gainesville, we want to make sure your air conditioner is functioning properly before summer. Take advantage of our highly-skilled HVAC team and schedule your air conditioning repair this spring.

Don’t Postpone Your Spring Air Conditioner Maintenance

Prepare Your Home For Summer

The first official day of spring was yesterday, March 20, so scheduling your spring air conditioner maintenance now will help you stay ahead of the coming heat. Get an early start and keep your air conditioner in top shape, saving you both time and money before the summer starts.   

Prevent Costly Repairs

Regular air conditioner maintenance lets you check on all the moving parts that make up your air conditioner, ensuring that everything is functioning properly. When you are constantly inspecting your air conditioner, you’ll notice when something goes wrong and can take care of that repair right away. Problems left unchecked and unrepaired can cause your air conditioner to deteriorate at a faster rate, creating air conditioning repairs that end up costing more because they had time to do more damage.

Get ahead of any costly repairs by checking on your air conditioner before it’s time to turn it on for summer.

Make Sure Your Air Conditioner Works

When it’s time to turn on your air conditioner in the summer, chances are it’s hot outside — very hot. But what happens when your air conditioner won’t turn on? Scheduling spring air conditioner maintenance gives you the chance to test your air conditioner before you need it. That also gives you a chance to plan for air conditioning repairs before it gets too hot outside.

Don’t let your air conditioner surprise you this summer — start planning for the summer now.

Give Your Air Conditioner A Longer Life

Think about air conditioner maintenance like getting an oil change for your car. Scheduling that maintenance just twice a year can help increase the lifespan of your HVAC unit by 30-50 percent, or another 5 years. Maintenance appointments do cost a fee, but those fees are nominal in comparison to the cost of replacing your air conditioner unit, or having to buy a new car.

Improve The Efficiency Of Your Air Conditioner

Blocked vents and dirty air conditioners can decrease the efficiency of your air conditioner, meaning that your air conditioner has to work harder to keep your house cool. More power also means that you’ll see an increase in your energy bill. If you’re looking to be an efficient consumer, reduce unwanted dirt and blockages so your air conditioner can perform at its best and not use unnecessary energy to cool your house.

Clean and Replace Air Filters

Do you remember the last time you replaced your air filters? You should replace them every 6–12 months, as often as you need regular air conditioner maintenance.

While cleaning your air filters can increase efficiency and lower energy costs, it also makes your air conditioner safe. Your air conditioner’s filter catches all of the dust and dirt particles in the air, trapping them inside the filter. But when your filter is blocked, or cannot trap anymore dust, that air conditioner is pumping your house full of dirty, unfiltered air. Start the summer with a fresh air filter (and clean air) with your scheduled air conditioner maintenance.

Prevent Allergens From Getting Into The Air

Spring means blossoming flowers and fresh leaves. But when people are allergic to the pollen, spores, and grasses that comes with that fresh growth, they don’t want those allergens pumped into their home. A new filter, and air conditioner maintenance to rid your HVAC unit of dirt, will make sure that those spring and summer allergens don’t make it into your air conditioning or your home.

Buckhalter Heating and Air Conditioning

Don’t wait until you have to turn on your air conditioner in the dead-heat of summer to schedule your air conditioning repair. Get your regular air conditioner maintenance scheduled today at Buckhalter Heating and Air Conditioning in Gainesville.