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Air Conditioning Repair Gainesville FL

AC Repair Gainesville FLFor Emergency Air Conditioning Repair in Gainesville FL Call Buckhalter Heating and Air Conditioning 24/7 at 352.318.5599 or click here to submit an online service request. It’s only $89 for a service call which covers the first 30 minutes of diagnostics and no-part repair services.

Buckhalter Heating and Air Conditioning services all HVAC brands and serves all of Alachua County Florida (High Springs FL, Alachua FL, LaCrosse FL, Waldo FL, Gainesville FL, Hawthorne FL, Micanopy FL, Archer FL, and Newberry FL)

Our Service Pledge to You

Making the air in your home comfortable is our commitment at Buckhalter Heating and Air Conditioning. We take pride in giving Gainesville FL top-notch HVAC systems, maintenance and air conditioning repairs. Offering a wide range of heating and air conditioning services, our team will always treat your home or business as if it were our own. Having been in the industry for more than 50 years, we know what works. 

Air Conditioning Repairs for Gainesville FL:

  • Steam coming from the AC Condenser unit
  • Uneven AC temperature throughout rooms
  • Unsatisfactory/inconsistent AC airflow
  • Odd or foul smells coming from the AC system
  • AC not reaching desired temperature
  • Heat blows cold or AC blows hot
  • Broken outdoor AC condenser
  • Constantly running AC system
  • Badly maintained AC units
  • Strange AC system noises
  • Iced-up heat pumps
  • Frozen air handler
  • High AC electric bills
  • Leaking AC unit
  • Poor indoor air quality
  • Insufficient AC systems
  • Blown AC fuses
  • Burned AC capacitors
  • Clogged AC drain lines
  • Dust & Allergens in the Air

Please see our AC Repair page for more information.

AC Repair Gainesville FLEvery Air Conditioning Repair in Gainesville FL is an Emergency Repair

When your heating and air conditioning system breaks down in Gainesville Florida and Alachua County its always an emergency. We rarely have weather that doesn’t require heat or air conditioning. It’s very unlikely your system is going to break down when the weather is so great you don’t need heat or air conditioning because if the weather is that perfect you’re not using your system. Your air conditioning repair is an emergency to you so it is an emergency to us and we will make sure we get to you fast.

Damages, Losses and Health Dangers

In hot weather the heat and humidity can cause food in your cabinets to spoil, moisture and heat can damage your home, it makes you uncomfortable and miserable, and worst of all it can cause illness. If the pollen count is high outside and your windows are open you are exposed to that 24 hours a day without a break and can experience allergic reactions you aren’t even aware are allergic reactions. Some people may even be in serious danger from hot and humid weather. In the winter freezing nights come by surprise and can damage your pipes and plants and certainly can be bad for your families health. Let’s get you comfortable fast and with as little cost as possible.

Guaranteed Lowest Rates

We guarantee the lowest parts and labor rates for any air conditioner repair compared to other licensed, bonded, and insured HVAC companies in Gainesville FL. We start with an extremely low $89 service call that covers the first 30 minutes of diagnostics and no part repairs. Very often that’s all that is needed. If more parts and labor are required we have low flat rates that apply to everyone. Some companies charge as much as they think they can get depending on how much money it looks like you have or how desperate or inexperienced you look. John Buckhalter founded Buckhalter Heating & Air Conditioning with the commitment to charge all customers the same low rates, the lowest rates in town.

How to Avoid Breakdowns

  1. Changing your air filters regularly and regular preventative maintenance can prevent most breakdowns and extend the life of your system. A dirty filter causes restrict air flow which can cause several problems. First of all in many air conditioning systems once the filter is clogged the air will manage to get around the filter and that unfiltered air will get dust accumulation on coils, fans, and duct-work. Dust on the filter or coils restricts air flow which causes fans and compressors to work harder leading to premature failure and expensive replacement costs. Even less expensive parts such as contacts can fail faster from overuse. But the most common result is a frozen system. When air isn’t flowing properly ice can build up in several places and completely stop the air flow. Then you have to leave the system off several hours until the ice melts and clean up all the water from the melting so it doesn’t damage your home.
  2. Another cause of icing up is low refrigerant. Low refrigerant can also cause the system to run harder and parts to break faster. This is easily avoided by semi-annual preventative maintenance.
  3. In Gainesville FL and Alachua County we have a lot of insects and they get into air conditioning parts build nests and cause them to fail. This is prevented most of time by preventative maintenance.
  4. When the air is pleasant at night and you turn off your air conditioning and open the windows and then close the windows and turn on the air conditioning during the day your system has to remove all that humidity collected overnight day after day. This is a lot of extra expense and extra work that leads to more part failures. It is recommended to leave your system on to keep the humidity levels low. It can also damage your house to have the humidity changing every day inside. The same thing happens if in winter you open windows during the day and turn on the heat at night.
  5. Like a car, a heating and cooling system is a high-tech machine, capable of giving you many years of reliable service, providing you take care of its maintenance needs in a timely fashion. In the long run, it is typically found that heating and cooling systems that don’t receive regular preventative maintenance often cost home and business owners far more via higher utility costs and crisis repairs.

While you’re waiting

Maybe your air conditioning system isn’t broken. Maybe it’s something simple you can remedy. Check to see if your thermostat needs new batteries, or any of your air conditioning circuit breakers are tripped. Or maybe your air filter is clogged. Remember to call and cancel your service call if you correct the problem.