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How to Save on Your Energy Bill This Winter

It may seem like you’re using your HVAC system more for air conditioning than for heating down here in Gainesville. And while it’s true that most of the HVAC repair we do here at Buckhalter Heating & Air Conditioning is on air conditioning units, it can get chilly in the winter months! When you turn your HVAC over to heat, you may start to see the numbers on your energy bill tick up higher and higher. 

We know you all want to save on your energy bills so you can use that money for something more fun, which is why today’s blog post is tips and tricks to save on your energy bill this winter! And it doesn’t mean freezing on those few days when the temperature does drop. Continue reading to learn more and contact Buckhalter Heating & Cooling for all your HVAC needs from service to installation!


1. Upgrade Your Thermostat

Did you know that you have the option to install a smart thermostat for your HVAC system? It gives you tons of energy-saving options and allows you to control your HVAC system from your smartphone, meaning that you can lower the temp while you’re gone during the day and have it warm up before you leave the office so you come home to cozy space. The HVAC experts here at Buckhalter Heating & Cooling are happy to talk with you about your options!

2. Clear Your Vents

You may have found the perfect arrangement for your living room furniture, but if the set-up involves putting a bookcase over your HVAC vent you should probably reorganize. When vents are blocked by furniture it means that the air can’t circulate the way it should through your home, meaning your furnace has to work harder and run longer.

3. Insulate

One of the most common ways that people waste money on their energy bills is by having their warm air escape their house. If you have drafts near windows or under doors, try to insulate them. You can buy inexpensive plastic insulation covers for your windows or put a draft stopper under your door. It takes a little more work, but you can also insulate your water heater and pipes. There are insulating jackets you can buy for the water heater tank and you can put foam pipe covers around exposed hot water pipes. 

4. Snuggle Up!

Wear cozy sweaters inside, cuddle up under a blanket, and drink some warm tea. Winter is a time to pull out scarves and if you want to save on energy costs, an easy way to start is by wearing warmer clothes inside. You can also roll out some rugs to keep your feet toasty too.

Buckhalter Heating & Air Conditioning

Don’t let your hard-earned money go to unnecessary energy costs! As the temperature dips down here in Gainesville, be prepared and use some of these helpful tips for saving on your energy bill. And know that one of the best ways to lower your costs is by making sure your HVAC system is running smoothly and efficiently. If you need to schedule an HVAC service or are interested in installing a more efficient system, contact us today!